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A clean work environment
is a clear piece of mind.

People, Quality, Service, & Innovation

Specializing in Chemical Manufacturing & Management

People. We believe in people. Ours and yours. Together we can achieve your facilities goal of clean!

Quality. The quality of our products combined with the quality of your people means we can achieve our clean goals very efficiently and cost effectively.

Service. We provide our clients with proper documentation for your facilities. We help our clients with Sanitation manuals, Standard Operating Procedure documents, as well as Chemical Training and Safe Chemical Handling classes. We also provide process training and audits all in an effort to help your people work safely and effectively every day.

Innovation. We partner with industry leaders like FOAMIT and CLEANLOGIX to bring you the best in application and allocation of equipment and technology. Allow us to bring their products to your facility for a demonstration. When you have Colorado Chemical as your supplier you have free use of application equipment as long as our partnership continues. This allows our clients to free up critical capital to use in other areas of their business.

Industries We Service

  • Food Processing

  • Beverage Processing

  • Dairies

  • Breweries

  • Commercial Laundries

  • Concrete Industry

  • Asphalt Industry

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Car Dealerships

  • Commercial Carwash Facilities

Passion, Quality, Innovation

Specializing in Chemical Manufacturing & Management

This is where we give a big shout out to our partners FOAMIT and CLEANLOGIX. Their drive for being the best in the industry motivates all of us to do the best we can everyday. Their products and their service is second to none and helps us keep our clients up and running to ensure they maximize production and profits.

Proud Provider of FOAM-iT Technology

Dedicated to building the best foam cleaning equipment.

Proud Provider of CleanLogix Automation Equipment

Designing and producing high-quality equipment to improve the hygiene and chemical management procedures

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