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Mark VanDenBerg

Mark is our Founder and Managing Partner.  His knowledge of the Food and Beverage industries is extensive.  Having clients ranging from fruit processors, bakeries, breweries, and dairies his HACCP and SQF Practitioner certification helps our clients significantly achieve their goals. With 10 years experience he has proven to be a leader in our industry.

First, let us thank you for visiting Colorado Chemical. We really appreciate it. We know you have options. So, again, thank you.

We are a family owned chemical company and we strive to treat all of our clients and customers like family too.

Colorado Chemical was born out of the dream of having a chemical company that was more than just a chemical supplier. We don’t want to be the company who drops chemicals off at your facility and says “see you next time you order!” Instead we want to integrate a knowledgeable staff to be able to consult with our clients and make them better every day.

We want to be an extra set of eyes for our clients to help them succeed and do whatever it takes to achieve clean. We are driven by the successes of our clients that can be measured through a safe work environment and successful audits. This allows our clients to maximize efficiencies and profits.

 We are located in Englewood, CO. which is just outside Denver. We felt Denver was a strategic central location to be able to service clients on the West Coast, the Southern states, and the Midwest. 

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